Daily visitor

Strangely but actually, a cat slinks into my house very often which is on first floor. She is our silent visitor. We noticed her for few days, she comes looking for rats. She means no harm to us. She comes from the balcony which is in proximity to the neighbour’s house. Their house roof is adjacent to a dwarf wall. The cat fits properly on the caping. She would use it as her first launch point, afterwards she hopes onto the roof of neighbour and finally she reaches into my balcony. She sits there for a while doing nothing, I really wonder what she mulls over or it is just me who is doing it. She makes herself comfortable, reposes for few minutes with her nystagmus eyes. No one troubles her. It is like she has been given some VIP privelage in my house. After enough procastinatiom, she stands up on her 4 filthy paws, and comes into my room. I have one desktop computer, two beds , 1 refrigerator and one small aquarium which luckily is kept on the table away from the little monster. She gets inside my bed first, then another one and gradually she visits all the rooms searching for rats with her tail twitched. I have noticed her holding a rat in her jaw while walking out pompously, she walks in front of us sans fear. That poor rat would be dead with his miniature tail hanging out from some random corner of her jaw. She is a skilled hunter. I am atleast contente for one thing; she is very courteous. She does not spoil our food and thankfully, she eats the mouse outside down the wall! A big relief!

Weird Dream

While I was pondered into a story book, I abrubtly started searching for a flocullent pillow. My eyes were struggling, the thing inside my head became happy, I could feel it all. This sudden urge was the result of day time labour. 

The book was forgotten for a while, all I could think of was to sleep. I lied in the bed with my belly against it. My head shoved into the cushion which I needed the most at that moment. I fell asleep without mulling over which I usually used to do. 

I remember the dream I had that night. It was very peculiar and was unlike any dream I ever have had before. It is kind of interesting, for me atleast :p. I could feel something on my chest, it all felt like a dream. I could feel the load but I sensed myself handicapped. The weird thing was I could not move my body, I was hapless as if I was being chained ruthlessly. I tried breaking away but in vain. I was slowly drenched into sweat. Everything was happening in dream. I needed to curtail this ungodly occurence to my mind. Somehow I opened my eyes, tardily and painfully, they were hardly open then I realised something is actually sitting on my chest and guess what, It was a cat. At first, I was dubious about it but no, it was for real. I could feel her eyes frozen, her glance directed at me. As she noticed my mouvement, she beetled off as if someone called her. It was appaling for me since I was still a kid, wraped in mural bruit of superstition. I forgot to lock the windows that night through which she sneaked in later. I shared this unusual story with my parents , grand parents few of my friend’s family and they all were abysmally insouciant about it. They talked about old similar incidents that occured to them which was of course banal because I have been used to such fabricated stories. It’s o ly now that I find them irrelevant and nuisance but back then I found them rather fascinating. My parents were concerned regarding this. They even went to a priest! I can continue this story but I find it rather useless and empty.


I strongly feel that morning is one of the best things ever happened to emotional creatures. An upsurge of desires which dawns upon them, during morning, is sans doubt sparkling. The silence which awaits to be ceased, a heterogenous species of birds pull us towards the notion of morning by their chirp and sometime tweedle. They bewilder me and I ponder meticulosly but it has never been rewarding. I can not translate their tweedles or chirpings. This is very gripping, in fact, listening to them, makes me feel more close to the nature. People say if you cannot understand a voice or sound; unordered one, it sounds chaotic or termed as noisy sound. But this is not the case with them, they sound pleasant to the ears. I hope one day human will be able to decode animals’ language. We very often come across myths, speaking of people communicating with animals. For instance, i would like to quote Harrry potter ( the chamber of secrets) , Our beloved Harry potter speaks snake language! How fascinating it is! Okay enough magic! 

What makes us different from animals? I guess the ability to express ourselves is one of the inclusive factors. We dominate this fauna world. I hope we dont get proud of it because proud hurts and can negativelt effect those who we think are inferior to us. I wish for one thing, we live in harmony and total peace with mother earth without harming our other very far relatives. Yes, relatives, since we all are linked in someway to each other. We must take care of everything we could untill we have time or else this beautiful golden and yellow morning will be here always but we wont be! 

Hell of a journey

My train was scheduled for 19.45 but unfortunately it got rescheduled to 22.45. I felt an enormous disdain towards railway management. This is very common in India, the trains getting late. While my journey duration was meant for 20 hours, but instead it took 9 hours more, that equals to 29 hours. How discomforting a journey can be especially when it is hot summer. Well, I got into train at 10.45 sharp but it took a while for it to roll on the track. Sure thing, we get to see landscapes while travelling in a train, but it is unlikely for a frequent traveller. It is hell of a fuss when one has to cover a long distance. It costs us both, time as well as money. When I got inside, I motioned myself towards my seat, which I found was unluckily in proximity to the toillet! At that moment, all I could imagine was a cruddy smell that my nose might take in with ease but abhorrent to my brain. I was blacked out, I made it out tout de suite what I got myself into! May be an ephialtes for a traveller. I guess it was not enough for me yet, I shortly noticed, while I was settling myself, that the whole sleeper coach is beefed up with kids and babies. They all were as cacaphonic as birds chirping on bushy tress. I tried sleeping but I could not. It was very irrelevant effort since I was not sleepy. The noise and the smell were torturing me. I could feel the terror inside my brain. Somehow I slept for a while around 4 am. Morning, I woke up very early, the chaiwallas (tea sellers) , we shouting chai chai, which started annoying me after a while. I had my breakfast, I felt little closer to my hometown but not yet fully. My morning was full of nasty smell all one could imagine. I dared mysef to get fresh but I could not. The weather was equally parching. All I could do was, be sitted on my seat the whole journey. No people of my age group I could talk to about all. But thankly I reached my destination and I was happy as ever. Aftet returning, i took bath and had really scrumptioud food. I am trying to put it off through this article. Thankfully I did.

La nuit blanche

It was hot summer but happily the weather condition, in Pondicherry, is often soothing during the evenings. I got a chance to go out, and I must admit it, the time spent there was stupendous. I had all which I kept in my wishlist. It may sound dippy what I am talking here. For example, It was the first time I ever boozed, but there it seemed plausible at that instant because the alcohols are tax-free in Pondicherry and easily getatable.

If that does not sound silly I would like to continue more deeds. We got a chance to own a scooter for the whole day just for 200 Rs, I know it is very common but I am not accustomed to such renting. In fact, it was my first time. We were two novices in search of adventure in a strange town, among strange people who spoke a strange language, well, it is Tamil but we are Tamil illiterate. My friend motioned me towards a bar, I was mentally prepared for it, though a little declined initially but it’s ok, anyway, we went inside. You do not know the horror for the first time alcohol drinker, the rumours make things more appalling. I asked for a light one, we got 4 beers and 1/4 whisky bottle. We filled the glass with beer. I noticed the foam, looked so great, the colourless glass changed into golden with the scum acting as a topping. I had it, I had it again and again, it continued for a while. I started loosing my consciousness but thankfully my partner is a drunken master who knows to hold his roots.

We decided to go to the beach, the cool breeze but it more often felt like sticky. Nevertheless, we arrived there and sat for a while, the wind was touching my face and it was a great relief, I felt losing myself. It was one of the best moments I had with my buddy.  We did a night out what we call “La nuit blanche” in French. We stayed out the whole night. It felt really great, the next morning, we went to our hotel and slept for a very long time and so we missed all our meals except dinner.


Language Barrier

It is Sunday, I usually spend my time reading books at the library and watching videos on youtube this day. I leave my hostel room. Since I do not have motorbike or bicycle, I cover the distance on foot along with other wayfarers. It takes me around 30 minutes to reach the library. The sun is roasting the body. I reach there with all perspiration, as my clothes witness it. I sit inside for a while to take rest after all the laborious walk, thank god! we have ACs inside.

The students dwell from different states, we do not share the same language. We usually talk in English. But English is our second language and sadly we are not really that good at it.We cannot put the emotions into it, I thrive hard but it does not work out.

Anyway, the guy, who was sitting next to me, is from different state. Sooner or later we start to exchange conversation in low pitch tone. I can feel the gap, the feeling is not there. Our conversation seems more like dead, a body without a soul. we have words, grammar but the vibes are not upto par. I am wondering what is going wrong here.  I am being sceptic about the other person’s feeling. I think he might be feeling the same as I am. I am surrounded by a world of people who does not even speak English, even if they do, mostly it is broken. It is enervating at times. This second language does let us feel somewhat close to each other in my country but it also makes us feel like strangers. I strongly want to bond with the others but this idea seems more like intrusive because of language. This vast medley may make someone proud but to me!

I canNot knot

So it starts with Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Roo and Kanga, they all search for Eeyore’s tail. Unsuccessfully, no one has hit the cord yet. Our famishing star, Mr Pooh feels equally hungry. He wanders around and abruptly notices a honey pot, marooned in between the forest. Our sweet Pooh hysterically runs towards it, but alas! It was empty. The pot is kept on a well-covered crater, which eventually gobbles him with his head stuck inside the pot. Others pass by the crater, they hear growling sound of Pooh and search for the source, that’s when they notice Pooh stuck inside the crater.

They start seeking ways to pull him up but no one is smart enough I guess. After a while, they try getting him out, but unfortunately, they get stuck in the crater as well except MR Piglet, yes the timid one, I do not hail him as cute one but rather a nuisance. Rabbit asks Piglet to get them out of there, piglet tries his best, at last long he comes up with a cord which he already cut into 6 pieces causing to shorten the length of it. That’s when Rabit asks him to tie a knot,

He says to Piglet ” can you tie a knot?”,

Piglet replies ” umm, I cannot”.

Rabit: So you can ‘knot’,

Piglet: No, I canNot knot,

Rabit: knot not?!

This parts seriously gets more verbally complex, we, humans, really are great when it comes to languages. How wonderfully we can add humour and play around with the words.

Unruly brain

My brain refuses to learn something new. I try relentlessly to embed new words into my brain, but it goes in vain. I have to frequent the process of using that particular word so as to retain it, it is so disparaging! I wish my brain could be more dextrous, even if it is already, I guess that’s my low competence over it.

During exams, I have to cram harder. This disobedient brain won’t store the data I feed to it, even if it does, it takes languid hours.

Learning a new language can certainly be exasperating, there is no doubt regarding this. In addition to it, the overlapping of native language over the second language causes further irk to the learner. Moreover, the usual problems of life that we never put up into discussion do influence in certain ways. How we can tame our brain to a certain extent in order to recall the things that we learn, the first process could be practising daily, being continues and faithful to our work, for example, I read daily and write daily so as to hone my skills and bring it to next level, and be conscious! I am quoting a few lines about one of the greatest and very first grammarian we ever had” Panini“, Sanskrit scholar. One day, Panini, after being wretched and humiliated by his Guru; he was not good at studies then, stopped near a ‘well’ to quench his thrust. Meanwhile, he notices some women who were drawing water from the well with the help of petit pots (made of clay) and putting it on a big slab of stone which was in proximity to the well. He observes that the slab has gotten thinner and the frequent installation of pots have caused sufficient damage to the surface of stone. After enough scrutinization, it dawns on him that how fragile pots made out of clay can damage a meticulous surface with their continuous effort, and our brain which is composed of muscles, isn’t it very tender compared to the stone?! If the stone can ply why not my brain can! And afterwards, he puts his all efforts in his studies and turns out to be the first person to make a grammar for a language!

This story always inspires me, even now I narrate this story to someone in need, it does help :).
If you would like to know more about Panini do buy this book; it’s a masterpiece.



I would like to quote a very famous line from one of my all time favourite movies ever; The Shawshank Redemption, in the end, our notorious Mr Red goes to Buxton where he finds the letter kept inside a little box by Andry which says ” Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Well, I might have a peculiar and very subjective narration for the word “HOPE”.

I think it’s really miraculous that we, docile humans, are so optimistic about our future, and subsequently which ushers us to positiveness, from night towards a bright day. Moreover, at times, we ardently express our desire and hopes for a better future. But I think we do it gropingly, I do not find this plausible unless we stop turning our back to the problems and all chaos that we are responsible for. The world is always full of complications, I see holy mess every time I step out of my den. I see people pretending as if nothing is wrong with the world, everything is in order and ordained, however, there are few who really take a minute and think oh, being optimistic is good but it is not making me any better, in a wider way, I am trying to dodge the actual scenario here. But if I see things from the pessimist standpoint, I feel I am more fidel to myself and realistic into my perceptions. Thus I would say, I really enjoy life being practical, I work hard to solve the question by assuming the post-effects I might have if I don’t do it.



It’s 11.30. It is cold and dark, I am sitting in the annexe hall, mulling over my studies. Abruptly, I feel the need of nature, the wooden chair squeaks as I loose contact. I go out, stand at the door where I meet a guard, he motions me towards the gate.

He seems an interesting personality to me, I walk to him deliberately, he smiles and so does I. I ask him ” how life has been on the campus?” He responds” It’s been 2 years since I am here and it continues,” I like it in here he adds further. I feel happy about his answer but I feel intense weary. My disobedient brain needs something more so I continue my talk and in due course, we both start to feel comfortable. He talks of activities that go around on the campus especially when it’s night. We, hostellers, are particularly nocturnal, haha!

He mentions one story which I think is quite interesting! He says” he is on his night shift, he notices one couple, having a great time. He is least bothered and I think, yes, he is right there, we should not trouble couples.  His eyes become more desperate as he continues to narrate. He says” I fall asleep for a while but I suddenly wake up, I notice the couple is not there anymore.” Now they have strict orders from college authorities to not allow any amorous activities on campus. He continues the story, he hears some noise from the back of the building where there is a small den, he moves with a torch in his dexterous hand and spots the couple who are without clothes stuck to each other. He stuns them, they both run leaving their purty clothes. I burst out laughing, it is a laconic moment for me OMG! it’s a crazy shit. The guard expressions are unimaginable. I come back inside, but I am still wondering how they would manage without clothes!